Online Vs Offline Marketing- Which One Should You Focus On?

Everyone wants to win in this world. Everyone wants to pick the right business opportunities, the right partners and for those who market products and services, the right strategy.

A part of choosing the right business marketing strategy is finding out where you’re going to do the marketing(either online or offline). You have to figure out whether your audience is mostly online or offline. The ideal venue usually depends on the business or product, but the answer for most cases is usually both. As such, you need to balance the benefits of both online and offline marketing in order to create an ideal strategy.

The internet currently reaches over 40% of the world’s population, and the numbers will continue to rise, given the innovation, advancement and growth in the information industry. Research shows that people will research a product or a company they have seen online, but over 70% of those will purchase the product offline.

Now that we have seen how many people have access to the internet in relation to the global population, let us now look at the benefits of both online and offline marketing and which one you should focus on.

The Pros of Online Marketing

One of the primary benefits of marketing online is that you can easily make changes to your advertising. There’s an array of tools to help with tracking marketing campaigns, and so, it’s easy to find out what is working and what is not. You can easily change the graphics or wording of your ads, blogs, websites etc.

Another benefit is the cost. Online marketing in Perth is way cheaper than offline advertising. You can create sites and blogs for very little or even for free. There’s also the benefit of free article marketing.

The third benefit is the turnaround time. For a print advertisement, you need to contact a newspaper or magazine ad office, discuss the pricing, design the ad and pay to have it published. However, if you use the internet, you could have your ad up on the desired location within a couple of days or hours. You could also get leads faster compared to publishing ads on the newspapers or billboards.

The Pros of Offline Marketing

Marketing offline might be expensive, but it isn’t without a share of its benefits as well.

First and foremost, your prospects do not need internet access in order to view your ad. They can be reached via TV, newspapers, magazine ads, billboards, etc. These mediums tend to be expensive, but they are traditionally known to have excellent results.

There’s also direct mail. You can send samples of your products through direct mail. Touching and experiencing the product hands down beats virtual experience.

Finally, there is the impact made through business cards. These are excellent as most people have business cards in some kind of Rolodex or wallets. They still are a source of contacts especially when a need for emergency services arises.

Finding a balance between offline and online marketing is the best strategy. However, it is not possible for some companies, especially startups to find this balance due to the costs involved. As such, the best thing to do is first to find success through online marketing. Once you have gained adequate money, you can then venture into billboards, newspapers and TV ads.


4 digital marketing tactics you should use for local reach

Reaching local market is a great way to boost revenue. Here are four ways you can improve your local marketing strategy and find your target customers.

Find local partnerships

You should work with nonprofit organizations that can reach more potential customers. Local partnerships provide excellent reach that is not possible with any ad campaign. You can sponsor weekend concerts or do partnerships with farmers’ market or film festivals. These local partnerships provide social media mentions, email newsletter mentions, and website mentions. So, you should find partnerships that provide digital benefits as well.

Involve local bloggers

Blogger engagement includes sponsored posts, product reviews, and conversations. You should find bloggers in your target market and settle on some mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. You can give the bloggers tickets to local events. So, the bloggers will write about your brand.

Develop local PR connections


You should get the attention of the local press. You can develop brand story related to the specific region. Things like reasons why you ae here, what needs your brand can meet in this community, etc. should be considered.

Donate to local nonprofit organizations

You should donate a percentage of your local purchases to local nonprofit organizations. There are apps available that help to collect donations for a certain amount of fee.

These local digital marketing strategies are very helpful in reaching potential customers. You should use these strategies to increase your reach and bring more revenue for your company.  


3 ways you can give personalized experience to your customers

It is very hard to satisfy a customer. One thing all customers have in common is that they prefer personalization. Personalization makes shopping very convenient for the customers. Here are the best ways you can give a personalized experience to your customers.

Go beyond mass production

In the case of some products and services, mass production is not a good thing. People want personalization. People perceive these items to have more value, for example, jewelry. Companies selling jewelry often allow the customer’s design custom pieces. This makes these companies stand out from the rest.

Provide rewards program

Customer loyalty or rewards program is very effective. Amazon, for example,e started the Prime membership services a few years back. It is a loyalty program where customers get free shipping or free streaming of music, etc. Frequent flyer program in airlines is also a loyalty program.

Personalize email correspondence

You should personalize your emails. There are many advanced email marketing service available that has many built-in features to send personalized emails. You should be careful in including the details. You should not use any personal financial information. The customers should not feel like they have been exposed.

You should put your customers first. You should try to give value to customers through your products or services. Even if it costs you up front, it will provide great customer satisfaction and a greater percentage of repeat sales. So, you must try to give personalized experience to your customers all the time.


Top 5 e-commerce website design trends you should follow

The world of e-commerce changes very frequently. Consumers always look for user-friendly website designs. They want sites that will let them search for the product they want and check out fast. Here are some e-commerce trends that you should follow.

Material Design

It is a content-focused style that was released by Google in 2014. This design has been later adopted by many e-Commerce companies. The design has a minimalistic appearance. It uses shadow effects and concepts of depth and motion. This design will keep your user engaged for long hours with your site.

Responsive Design

People now shop on multiple screens, like TVs, mobile, tablets, etc. So, it is essential for websites to be responsive. Companies should design the site for large screens and optimize it for the small screens like mobile and tablets.

Great animations

Animation can connect you with the users easily. It will give the users a more enjoyable shopping experience. Customers will feel great if you can use the right animation at the right time and place. You can include things like button spins, icon rotation, loading bars, etc. These will create a long lasting image in the customers’ mind.

Large Backgrounds

Now the trend is to have large backgrounds. If you have large product photos, it will be more appealing to the customers. It also gives a very professional look to the site.  It comes to the customers to place an order when they enter the site.


Storytelling will give you an extra edge over the others. Customers enjoy listening to stories. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd. You should have great interface design to attract the users.

These are the latest trends of e-commerce sites. You should develop your site according to these trends to keep up with the competition. These trends will help you get more customers to your e-commerce site.