When importing products, you need to have a good wharf cartage company. Without a wharf cartage company, you will have problems transporting your goods from the wharf to your business premises. There are a number of points that you should consider when looking for the right wharf cartage company.

Compliance To Safety And Transport Regulations

All countries have safety regulations and transport regulations when it comes to the importing of products. The wharf cartage company that you use will need to be aware of these regulations and comply with them. Compliance with the regulations will reduce the risks that your products face when being transported.

Compliance with the regulations will also ensure that the company knows about the import taxes and paperwork which needs to be completed. If you are importing goods for the first time, your wharf cartage company should be able to help you complete all the necessary paperwork. Of course, you should not rely solely on the company to know the regulations as you will be liable for this.

Scheduling Flexibility

Once you have verified that the company you want to work with complies with regulations, you need to consider their scheduling flexibility. You need to use a company that offers flexibility so you can get your imported products when you want them. Having a company that has set times for delivery or pickup could add to your stress levels.

Proactive Communication

Communication is essential when you import products and you need to use a wharf cartage company that is proactive. You should be able to easily contact the customer services department of the company and get up to date information about your container. To determine the communication of the company, you need to take note of how long they take to respond to your communication and how easily you can get in touch with them.

The Costing

When you look at working with any company, you need to consider the total costs of using them. You need to consider how demurrage costs are controlled as well the container weight verification which is a legal requirement for importing. There are other costs that you need to take into account such as the costs of transport from the wharf and how this will be done.

Some companies will offer overnight container deliveries, but this will generally cost you more. 24-hour fleets are something that many businesses look for in a wharf cartage company, but it might not be something that will benefit your business. There are also administration costs that you have to take into account and ensure that you know what the costs of using the company will cover.

Choosing the right wharf cartage company is important when you import products. You need to look for a company that offers you proactive communication, effective costing, flexible scheduling and compliance to the transport regulations of your country. All of these factors should suit your business and your needs.